Imogen or Love and Money

A Historical Romance


Thank you for visiting my site.  I hope we'll get to know each other! This is my first published novel but I have several more ready to go.   Publishing  has been a journey and I'm so glad 

Imogen or Love and Money is finally available!  

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When lovely young widow Imogen Mainwaring, is offered the “protection” of the irresistible rake Lord Ivo Rutherford, she violently rejects him and leaves town. Some months later, they meet in London, where Imogen has taken over her husband’s business affairs, reads the financial newspapers and is making money on the Stock Exchange. She tries to avoid him, but there’s just something about him…
Told against the background of early 19th century  England and  the  development of the railways, this is the story of a strong woman who is independent, financially acute and perfectly happy on her own. Or so she thinks. But Ivo has other ideas and the outcome is a surprise, especially to Imogen.

Set in 1830's London, this historical Romance sizzles with the attraction between two very different people.

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Advice from the Duchess

The Duchess Imogen answers your questions

This week's question is from a reader interested in investing. 

Dear Lady Imogen,

I understand you have made a number of very successful investments on the London Stock Exchange. Congratulations! Did you use a broker or the internet to make your trades?

Thank you,

A would-be investor

My Dear Would-be,

Thank you for your congratulations, but I confess myself utterly mystified by your letter. I am not familiar with the terms broker or internet. For the first, did you mean broken, and in that case, what might have been broken? Is there a word missing? Perhaps you mean broken pledges or promises. I assure you, I broke none. I will admit that before we were married, when, in spite of his rakish ways, I have to confess I was very drawn Ivo Rutherford, I was able to save myself and him from a foolish investment that was entirely based on broken promises. Perhaps you read about it in the Times?

As for internet, I surmise you may be referring to some sort of fishing net used at intervals, though what that may have to do with the London Stock Exchange, I cannot conjecture. Forgive me if I say, my dear reader, that if you are so uninformed in Business that you imagine fishing nets involved, you had best cast your net (to continue with your own fancy) elsewhere. Have you considered selling hot pies in the streets? I believe there is a ready market for such things. If you are a keen angler, you will no doubt be able to furnish the wherewithal for fish pies, which I myself do not despise. But the Stock Market is no place for you! 

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The lovely Duchess
The lovely Duchess

Imogen or Love and Money: A Historical Romance